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RA Summer Exhibition 2014 RCA Secret 2014 London Original Print Fair Zillah Bell Gallery Infinitum


Very excited to be exhibiting my Sculptures and Prints at the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair! 


I will be exhibiting one of my prints at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition this year. 


I will be exhibiting ‘Croc’ with Hotel Elephant as part of the Artlicks weekend this year. 

I will be joining some great artists in Alteria Arts Art Barter this year at Studio Colbert as part of the Artlicks weekend - 1st Oct - 4th Oct.

I will be exhibiting my new ‘Womb with a View’ etchings as part of the City&Guilds of London Art School stand from 11th - 14th Feb as part of the Works on Paper Fair 2015. I will also be doing practical demonstrations in Intaglio with the public.

I will have some work in the group show; Crafting Anatomies at the Bonington Gallery 7th Jan - 4th Feb 2015.

Crafting Anatomies places the human body at the centre of a multi-disciplinary dialogue; exploring how this entity has been interpreted, crafted and reimagined in historical, contemporary and future contexts.

A big thank you to everyone who came to ‘The Last Breath’ exhibition curated by me (Laura Clarke), Beatrice Haines and Olivia Hicks. We had a wonderful turnout of over 400 people and got to work with some fantastic artists, such as the Chapman Brothers, Jonny Briggs, Dick Jewell and Mark Hampson to name but a few!

Octopoda, Aluminium Plate Sculpture, 90cm x 90 cm x 90cm, 2014

Exhibited at The Last Breath Exhibition, Clearlake Hotel, Kensington.

I am co-curating and exhibiting in a one day only exhibition called ‘The Last Breath’, on Thursday 4th December. Artists include Beatrice Haines, Olivia Hicks, Dick Jewell, Jonny Briggs, Jake and Dinos Chapman and many more!

For more details please email me directly or visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1724801804/last-breath

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2014

Working on a few great projects at the Royal Academy Schools at the moment. Both for myself and other artists on the print publishing programme. What a great place to be a fellow!

Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

I will be showing PUNCH at the RA Summer Exhibition this year from 9th June - 17th August 2014.


Two really wonderful shows last week! ‘The London Original Print Fair’ at the Royal Academy, and 'Standing on the Frontier’ at the Unit 24 Gallery. Great turn out, great people and great work. Thank you to everyone that came.

'Standing on the Frontier’ continues until 10th May, and works from the London Original Print Fair will be exhibited at the Zilla Bell Gallery in North Yorkshire from 17th May until the 7th June.

I also have a piece of work in the Bainbridge Open at the Embassy Tea Rooms from 7th - 11th May.


I have a few shows coming up these next few months. Please email me for further details, or for Private View invitations.

RCA Secret, Royal College of Art - 13th March - 21st March 2014

London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy - 24th April - 27th April 2014

Standing on the Frontier, Unit 24 Gallery - 24th April - 9th May 2014

Show, Zillah Bell Gallery, North Yorkshire - 17th May - 7th June 2014

Baby, Etching with Monoprint, 31cm x 47cm 2014

Shown for the first time at London Original Print Fair, Royal Academy on 24th April 2014


Just about to post mine. Look out for them at the RCA Secret, Royal College of Art, Battersea, 13th March - 21st March 2014!

'Small rooms set the mind on the right path' Leonardo Da Vinci

I present my new studio in Blackfriars, London.


INFINITUM Exhibition Photographs. Featuring the work of me (Laura Clarke), Beatrice Haines and Olivia Hicks @ the Natalie Galustian Rare book shop Gallery in Leicester Square.

INFINITUM Exhibition

From this Friday I will be exhibiting alongside Olivia Hicks and Beatrice Haines in an Exhibition called Infinitum at Natalie Galustian Rare Books and Gallery in Cecil Court, Leicester Square. 

PV - Friday 4th October 2013

Show continues until Sunday 3rd November 2013

Thank you to everyone who came to my exhibition last week, and saw the premiere of my new sculpture called ‘Exquisite Corpse’.